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Why accepting I am a crazy cat lady is changing my life.

December 31, 2018

When I started Cat Tail Toys, I really wasn’t expecting it would turn into much.  Initially, one of my biggest setbacks was that I didn’t want the world to know how crazy in love with my cats, and cats in general I am.  I had spent a lot of time hiding this from the world.  Acknowledging that I had cats and they were important to me but keeping my “I need to share everything about my fur babies” voice in check.  What I didn’t understand at the time but am now very aware of was that I wasn’t just hiding my inner crazy cat lady, I was just hiding.  Hiding from trying, hiding from taking risks, hiding from the idea that I might be successful and learn something along the way.  As I start to look back on 2018, I see a lot of changes in my life, but by far the most impactful is that I took a risk on myself and it is paying off.  Because I launched my business, I now have valuable experience is setting up a company, marketing, sales, manufacturing, accounting and management just to name a few.  I no longer sit at the table and feel intimidated by the other people sitting with me.  I am experienced in my own right and even though my company makes fun, silly cat products, to me this is serious business. 


So, 2019.  I am ready for you!  I am ready for your new challenges, for your lessons and most important for discovering more about myself.



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